Medik8 Redness Solution


We understand that redness-prone skin is more common than people realise and something of considerable concern to many. Flushing, sensitivity and uneven skin texture make it harder to be confident in your skin and are often concerns that make-up cannot completely disguise. That’s why, over a decade ago, the Medik8 brand was started with a single redness solution: our very first product, Calmwise™ Serum, which remains a best-seller to this day. 

Soothed. Calm. Comfortable

At Medik8, we believe in soothing the underlying cause of redness so there’s less need for make-up and more opportunity for confident, healthy-looking skin.

Our latest anti-redness creations are undoubtedly the best skin-calming formulas we have ever made, and for over 10 years we have been leaders in the anti-redness market.

The Medik8 approach

Medik8’s Calmwise™ range (as its name suggests) is an ultra-soothing collection of products, especially designed to address the concerns of redness sufferers. The range restores the skin’s protective lipid barrier to effectively minimise flushing as a result of environmental aggravation. Each product is enriched with the best calming actives, including patented teprenone which makes skin feel more youthful. Calmwise helps to reduce inflammation and swelling within the skin while soothing discomfort. The overall appearance of redness is reduced, uneven skin is smoothed and surface heat and irritation are soothed.

Try Calmwise™ Colour Correct, our multi award-winning oil-free moisturiser with green mineral pigments, to instantly disguise flushed skin; providing great performance coupled with instant relief. Add to that our other Calmwise daily regime products that will help tackle the condition day after day. We have everything you need to help restore skin back to optimum health.


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