Medik8 Pore Refining Solution

Pore Refining

Enlarged pores can be a bugbear for many. Notoriously difficult to treat, they can make a flawlessly smooth complexion feel almost impossible to achieve. We all know daily skincare is essential to help keep pores in good condition: cleanse to remove excess oil and debris and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. But what next? That’s where Medik8 come in.

The Medik8 Approach

Our approach to minimising pores is different. Whether they’re caused by natural skin ageing or an oily complexion, Medik8 researchers have developed an incredible blend of ingredients that help to tighten pores and reduce sebum flow. The two co-stars of the Pore Refining solution are mandelic acid and red clover extract. Red clover is a powerful skin-balancing botanical renowned for its pore tightening properties. It helps to regulate the sebum flow through the pore. Mandelic acid helps to decongest blocked pores which allows them to visibly shrink back to their original size. It also reboots your skin’s natural elasticity so that pores appear visibly tightened.

Red Clover Extract

For oily skin types, red clover regulates the sebum flow through the pore, which allows the pore to shrink back to its original size and appear less congested. For enlarged pores caused by ageing, it reboots your skin’s natural elasticity so that pores appear visibly tightened. Exfoliating AHAs and BHAs also help to decongest pores and reduce the chances of blackheads appearing.

Red clover extract is combined with mandelic and lactic acid in Pore Minimising Tonic™; a new post-cleansing solution to exfoliate deep within pores, removing excess oil. The result is a refined and resurfaced skin texture. The Pore Refining solution works together synergistically to provide immediate results as well as treating the underlying causes of enlarged pores. 


Want to boost the results of the Pore Refining solution? Contact a Medik8 professional and book in for a Pore Refining treatment. Find your nearest clinic here.