Our Pledge

In 2018, we challenged ourselves to become The World's Most Sustainable Professional-Led Skincare Brand and immediately we replaced hundreds of thousands of plastic parts with recycled paper, and made sure every piece of paper-based packaging was either recycled or FSC certified. But this is just the start. The future roadmap for meeting this pledge is driven by three initiatives.

Our first Annual Eco Report will be published in 2021


We pledge to ensure that our packaging will be 100% recyclable, refillable or reusable by 2023*. This involves an enormous amount of work (not helped with Covid and Brexit) but we are making good progress and and we will be sharing publicly a progress report in 2021.

* we will never compromise on formula efficacy therefore certain exceptions, for functional packaging, will apply until 2028 (and we will be transparent about what and why)


Reducing plastic waste is very important. But climate change is driven by carbon emissions. This is why we have a separate lens on carbon reduction. We are reviewing our whole supply chain for how we can make improvements to our carbon footprint. Here's some changes we've already made: B2B shipping using slow boats saves a lot of energy, reengineering some of our formulas to 'cold process' so they don't need heat to blend them, offsetting the carbon emissions from all B2C deliveries with certified 3rd party, switching 100% of our energy suppliers to renewable sources.


Each year, we spend over £4m with suppliers (from ingredients to equipment to packaging and more). Sustainability means that you can do the same thing forever and resources will not be diminished. We are so interconnected and supply-chains so complex that the best way we can help preserve sustainability is to use our purchasing power wisely. Before we buy, we look at our supplier's location and record/impact on biodiversity, human rights and animal welfare. We try to work with suppliers rather than be dogmatic and reward their changes with more purchases. See more of our animal welfare work by visiting the Zipper Foundation