Beautiful Skin for Life

We’re experts in anti-ageing professional skincare. We understand skin. Carefully developed with expertise and precision, our 6 solutions focus on common skin challenges. From anti-ageing and blemishes to pigmentation and redness, we can help.


Our products are designed to fit into everyday lives and bring effective, lasting results so everyone can enjoy Beautiful Skin for Life.

Medik8 is different in many ways but most importantly, we are absolutely passionate about liberating skincare users from choosing between great results and an uplifting, authentic and beautiful experience.

With Medik8, you can have both.



This is our ultimate mission. To help people maintain healthy, beautiful skin. How do we achieve Beautiful Skin for Life – it's easy, just follow our unique CSA philosophy.


Our promise is to create beautiful products you will love to use, trust in, and be proud to recommend. More than a hashtag, #MyMedik8 is all about personal and shared experiences. How do you unwind with Medik8 after a long day? Do you have recommendations or tips you want to share? Tell us using #MyMedik8 on social media and you can be featured on our pages. Or why not see what other Medik8 fans are recommending? We love to hear from you.


We never compromise on results to achieve a beautiful experience. Our combination of 8 core principles supports our promise to you. It is the reason why Medik8 has grown into a world-renowned brand endorsed by dermatologists, doctors and professional skincare specialists and recommended by friends as the best solution for any skincare concern.


Medik8 is on a mission to demystify anti-ageing skincare. We believe looking 40 when you’re 50 is as simple as following our anti-ageing philosophy ‘vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night’. We call this 'CSA'. You can read more about our CSA philosophy here. Find the products suited to your anti-ageing needs in our Skin Ageing solution.


While anti-ageing is at our core, Medik8 also provide solution specific skincare for a range of skin concerns. We understand customers often want their skincare to do more than one job for them. That’s why we can help clear blemishes or pigmentation while also helping to prevent premature skin ageing. View our range of solutions here.


We know what to add in and what to keep out. No fads or fashions. No parabens, phthalates or sulphates, no microbeads. Some ingredients get weaker when more concentrated. Medik8 researchers work tirelessly to find the sweet spot in every formulation; the concentration that delivers the best results with minimal irritation. Sometimes that means less is more. Medik8 uses clinically proven ingredients with original research behind them. We also use chirally correct molecules. 


Many of the most active ingredients in professional skincare are incredibly unstable and difficult to work with. We promise to deliver professional strength products to the market as freshly as possible. Our serums are handmade in small batches in our UK laboratories by our master blender in our own ISO certified labs. This is to assure our products are still powerful and effective when they reach our customers. You can be sure of the highest stability and potency. Read more about our unique processes.


We’re an independent company. This allows us to be totally free in product development and ideas. We can bring products to our customers swiftly. We develop all of our ideas and products in-house in our own state-of-the-art labs.


You’ll only find Medik8 in professionally trained clinics, spas and specialist websites. This ensures you will receive the attention, care and tailored skincare advice you deserve. Find your local stockist here.


It is important that active ingredients can reach the correct location within the skin to provide results. We use liposome and micro-emulsion technologies that work like protective ‘bubbles’ around the molecules to ensure ingredients can reach the right place; avoiding being stuck in the upper layers of the skin and causing irritation. We develop and frequently patent our own original research. We love to collaborate with universities and academics.


Of course, we are 100% animal cruelty-free. We are also dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment whenever we can. Our manufacturing processes are as energy efficient as possible, without interfering with results. Medik8 uses recycled paper for all of its packaging and 40% recycled glass in our serum bottles. Even our buildings are run from 100% renewable energy sources. Read more about our eco values.