Medik8 Skin Ageing Solution

Skin Ageing

When we notice our skin starting to age with fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, it’s all too tempting to buy into the latest miracle cream story in the vain hope of remaining youthful forever. Unfortunately, as you have no doubt experienced yourself, we are often left disappointed by promises that aren't delivered.

At Medik8, we think differently. We’re into science, not fiction. Getting real results doesn’t mean you have to give up great texture, beautiful fragrance or interesting and safe ingredients. Far from it. You won’t believe how amazing the Medik8 range is to use. The real miracle is understanding and working in harmony with natural skin biology.

Vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night.

That’s it. Our core philosophy for treating existing signs of ageing (plus future-proofing skin over time) is as basic as CSA. It’s that simple. Our scientists are liberated from the need to develop ever more exotic beauty ‘stories’ and can focus on the ultimate refinement of this simple strategy, giving you exactly what you need and want – incredible results you can see and feel.

Read more about our core philosophy here.

Ask any skincare professional in the know, and they will tell you that Medik8 pioneered the focused concept of ‘vitamin C plus sunscreen by day and vitamin A by night’. When properly formulated, these three components work together to offer optimum skin protection and advanced restoration.

No matter your age or skin condition, you can start our simple CSA core philosophy with just two products: Daily Radiance and Night Ritual. Delve deeper into CSA and you can tailor your optimum regime with a plethora of serums and creams.

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But there’s more.

Using a combination of potent antioxidants, reparative retinoids, ultra-exfoliating hydroxy acids and a basket load of other carefully stabilised molecules, lines and wrinkles are visibly smoothed away while protecting against future sun damage and environmental pollution. Get visible results you will genuinely notice.

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