Zipper, 15½



Zipper was our longest-serving employee. He had his own office badge and has seen Medik8 emerge from an idea on paper to what it is today. He was our much-loved office dog taken in by our founder, Elliot, when he was just 6 months old.

Why Zipper spearheads our charitable efforts?

Zipper touched an extraordinary number of lives having sat alongside all our staff and even met suppliers and customers when they visited. The reason The Zipper Foundation is named after him is because of the values we saw him spread all around the office every day…

Firstly, Zipper was always honest. Never judging or making presumptions and going into every situation wagging his tail with joy. He was compassionate and loyal, always the first friend there through all the tough moments, and the first one there to celebrate the successes. Zipper also had a never-ending sense of curiosity: a value which we hold very close to our hearts around the office. An immensely curious dog: Zipper was forever finding new areas to explore everyd ay and always trying (but never succeeding) to explore our spotless labs.

Perhaps we are all guilty of not living up to the standards that we strive for - but too often these days, we beat ourselves up about making mistakes or not being perfect. The power of Zipper is he never judged and loved unconditionally. He taught us that it is the striving that counts. To look for the best in people - for there is good in everyone. And to be kind to all people and animals - life is so precious and short.

When thinking how Medik8 can build a charitable effort to further the cause of animal welfare, we thought wouldn't it be helpful to have the perspective of Zipper to guide us and keep us on track. The Zipper Foundation will provide small grants to projects that have a real impact on a small scale. To stand up for the small and unheard. We will not be able to make a big noise and help everyone - but like Zipper we will positively affect a few and leave some good in our wake.

Zipper was my friend. And I was his. He has a truly incredible soul. No jealousy. No judgement. Full of life. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Zipper in their life. Whether you are a homo sapien or canis major, you only have one life, and life is just as precious to them, as ours is to us. It is hard to know that I will never see him again. Through thick and thin, he was there. While my family privately remember him with a new tree in our garden, I feel a sense of public duty to Zipper’s selfless values of compassion and loyalty to do something significant for the world in his name. The Universe after all, is listening."

Elliot, Founder of Medik8 and Zipper's Friend