Sensitive skin

Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin

While 60% of the population class themselves as having sensitive skin, many are mistaken.1 Most sensitive skin types actually have sensitised skin. An irritating skin condition that arises as a result of external factors. Sensitised skin is thin or even translucent in appearance, while also dry and dehydrated. It can often feel tight after cleansing; left bright red and possibly burning or tingling.

Inherited or Acquired

Truly sensitive skin is inherited and normally leaves you prone to blushing and allergies. Sensitive skin types have particularly thin skin and often less pigment which leads to an easily broken skin barrier. Blood vessels are often closer to the surface and are easily stimulated by outside irritants.

Sensitised skin is usually caused by environment or lifestyle choices. Factors such as pollution, stress, medication, hormones, diet, climate changes, skincare products and smoking can all contribute to an impaired skin barrier, allowing external aggressors to cause redness or irritation.

Unfortunately as sensitive skin is genetic little can be done to cure it, but its symptoms can be calmed and managed with a specialised skincare regime. Sensitised skin, on the other hand, can be restored by improving the skin’s natural barrier and removing the external factors which are causing the skin to become sensitised.

“60% of the population class themselves as having sensitive skin, but many are mistaken”

How to treat...

Sensitised Skin

Sensitised skin is reacting to something that has changed in your environment or lifestyle. Keep your skincare routine simple and eliminate anything that could be causing irritation. Rehydration and restoring the skin’s natural barrier is the most important way of treating sensitised skin.

Calmwise™ Serum contains teprenone, a patented active that is effective in visibly toning down redness in just 1 month.2 Our skin cells contain a string of amino acids called telomeres. These strings shorten continuously as we age; eventually becoming so small that the cells stop working. Teprenone helps to stabilise the telomeres, helping to prolong the life of a cell and consequently enhancing the skin’s barrier.

For everyday soothing, use Calmwise™ Colour Correct. This advanced serum has 6 targeted actions to restore sensitised skin to normality. Packed with fading green pigments that expertly blend into your skin tone, it is ideal for camouflaging any redness from sensitised skin, while gently treating its causes. Niacinamide stimulates the synthesis of ceramides (natural lipids found in the skin) to help restore the skin’s barrier, while calming chamomile takes down inflammation.

A broad spectrum, high SPF Physical Sunscreen™ is also vital in keeping a fresh skin barrier protected.

Sensitive Skin

The symptoms of sensitive skin can be managed by using a specific skincare routine which helps to calm and soothe the complexion. Steer clear of any treatments that may thin out the skin further, such as acids or peels. Instead, focus on hydrating, calming products that do not damage the skin barrier. Use Calmwise™ Soothing Cleanser to remove the day’s impurities. The carefully pH balanced formula calms the skin while protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Containing natural green chlorophyll, the gentle cleanser helps to detoxify and restore balance to the skin.

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2 Independent trial by Sederma