Regime #3:

Fine Lines Defence

Light fine lines and wrinkles, usually looking to prevent premature ageing.

AM Routine

Cleanser of choice
Vitamin C:
C-Tetra or C-Tetra Luxe
Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

PM Routine

Double Cleanse:
Cleansers of choice
Toner / Direct Acid:
Press & Glow (can also be used in AM, on cleansed skin)
Target Serum:
Liquid Peptides (can also be used in AM, before C-Tetra/C-Tetra Luxe)
Vitamin A:
Retinol 3TR Intense or Crystal Retinal 3
Advanced Night Restore

Eyes Routine

Eyes AM:
C-Tetra Eye > Advanced Day Eye Protect
Eyes PM:
Intelligent Retinol Eye TR > Advanced Night Eye