Professional Training

Professional Training

At Medik8, we believe that true skin health starts with clinical treatments. When expert analysis is combined with professional treatments, the results are pronounced. When professional recommendation is followed with advanced homecare, those results become long-lasting.

Our Approach

Since our launch in 2009, we have made it our mission to outline the most efficient path to skin health for every single client. To this day, that journey has always started with you, our customer.

Our comprehensive training programme is designed to enhance therapists’ existing skills. Through a series of courses, many held at our dedicated training facility in the UK, they constantly build upon their current repertoire; studying advanced protocols and innovative techniques as they work towards gaining the coveted status of a Medik8 Skincare Professional. This certification is not just an indication of their knowledge, but a universal recognition of their ability to administer treatments that meet the high, results-driven standards of the Medik8 brand.

This ensures that you receive the same high quality treatment in the UK as in Australia as in the Netherlands. Just be sure to check your therapist is listed on the Medik8 Therapist Register.

We are truly global in our approach, with a commitment to continuous learning that comes through in the professionalism and care you recieve each time you visit one of our official stockists. Have you had the pleasure yet?