Blemish or Pores

Blemish or Pore Refining?

Having enlarged pores and blemishes is often an overlapping problem. Oilier skin-types trigger overactive sebum production, which can both stretch pores and clog up the follicle to cause red and inflamed blemishes. We’re here to help you choose the correct solution for you, which specifically targets your individual concerns.

The Blemish Solution

Our mission: To tackle active breakouts and prevent new ones. Our carefully researched solution provides your skin with the clinically-proven ingredients to target the 3 causes of blemishes; preventing pore blockages, stimulating a healthy skin balance and targeting blemish causing bacteria. Skin is left healthy, clear and perfected.

Key actives: Salicylic acid, pre and probiotics, antioxidants

Best for: Those struggling with active breakouts, looking for a comprehensive solution to target imperfections and skin-ageing.

Start with: Blemish Control Pads™ with maximum strength salicylic acid to unclog blockages and prevent blemishes, while soothing the skin to calm inflammation.


The Pore Refining Solution

Our mission: To target the underlying causes of enlarged pores for a smoother complexion. Providing your skin with the tools it needs to minimise sebum production, clear out pore blockages and prevent premature ageing which may leave the pores stretched and noticeable. The complexion is left detoxified, smoothed and mattified; the perfect base for make-up.

Key actives: Mandelic acid, red clover extract, alpha lipoic acid

Best for: Ageing and/or oily skin with visible pores and very few blemish breakouts, looking for a full-spectrum solution to leave skin even and smooth.

Start with: Pore Minimising Tonic™ a skin-soothing elixir containing red clover extract to minimise sebum production and prevent premature ageing, for tighter, less visible pores.


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