Sleep Glycolic

Introducing Sleep Glycolic™

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Overnight Sensation
The ultimate beauty sleep to deeply refine your skin overnight. Brightening, smoothing and decongesting results while you sleep.

Encapsulated Time-Release Technology
True 10% encapsulated, time-release glycolic acid - powerful, keeping irritation low and skin barrier healthy.

A High Strength At-Home Peel
Ideal to prepare for a first ever peel programme or to top up in between sessions. *Not recommended for use during a 12 weeks to WOW peels course.

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The Science Behind Sleep Glycolic


Encapsulated Glycolic Acid
Encapsulated Glycolic acid allows for slow release into the skin overnight. It is the smallest of the AHA’s and therefore penetrates deeply into the skin. It reveals fresh skin cells and promotes cellular turnover.

10% True Glycolic Acid
The effectiveness of exfoliating acid products depends heavily on two factors; acid concentration and the pH of the formula. Sleep Glycolic has a pH of 3.5 with a 10% active glycolic acid.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

*Study based on 34 people who used Sleep Glycolic for 4 weeks