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elliot-isaacs-medik8THE FOUNDER

Elliot Isaacs arrived in the skincare industry at a very interesting time. Just at the start of the cosmeceutical revolution and also the rise of the natural / organic movement.


A graduate of the University of Leeds, Elliot has always had a profound interest in scientific subjects such as physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and microbiology – probably because his father is a pharmacist and science was a topic around every family meal as a small boy.

After graduating, Elliot backpacked around the world for 4 years. He came back home with the long term aim of building a science-based skincare brand with environmental awareness. There was a plethora of natural products emerging all with the same eco message but which lacked any real efficacy. There were a few very high potency cosmeceuticals which were inspirational to Elliot but he found they lacked the finesse of the natural products in their packaging, texture, odour or consideration of the green issues which were rightly a consideration. The idea of Medik8 was to provide results-based cosmeceuticals but remembering that using products was an experience.

Elliot has over 12 years experience developing professional skincare products and he is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Today, Elliot is still at the heart of R&D, and is often invited to speak at medical aesthetic conferences and professional meetings worldwide. His interest in skincare technology is as passionate today as it has always been. However, rather than working alone in his father’s tiny pharmacist lab, Elliot now has a team of scientists at his disposal in a state-of-the-art “cosmetic super-lab” with every piece of modern equipment the team could desire such as incubators, nitrogen blacket systems, homogenisers, viscometers, centrifuges, digital pH meters, very accurate digit balances, not to forget six-stage water purification just as in production. As can be see from the picture of one technician in the lab, there is still a place for all the classic chemistry glassware when doing a titration for antioxidant quality control.


Our commitment to Innovation and Results

medik8-researchTrue innovation is a rare thing, but it is inherent to research and development at Medik8. We challenge ourselves to manufacture outstanding products for any application and develop through innovation to make it possible. Our team of biochemists and formulation scientists are committed to breaking boundaries and developing formulas that give results that were previously unachievable.


Each project starts with the assumption that anything is possible and we have never failed in reaching our goals. Many bespoke innovations can be found in Medik8 products, often featuring exclusive ingredient combinations and patented technologies where we have discovered the properties of a material previously unknown.

To guarantee excellent and repeatable results, every key active ingredient in the Medik8 portfolio has testing data behind it, and used in our formulas at the right concentrations. We do not choose ingredients just because they are fashionable, we choose them because they work. The human skin has not changed for 100,000 years – so we do not formulate based on trends. What worked in 1970 works today. What we do is take the same technology and make it more elegant than it used to be. Make it in combination with other new ingredients and also improve the stability and minimise irritation of those formulae. When taking all these factors into account, the end result is a far superior product.

Our products are supported through a variety of clinical testing, but be assured, we only test on humans. We use industry-standard quantitative measuring equipment to measure real results as well as obtain qualitative responses from the panel of testers. We recruit volunteers by advertising in the local newspaper and with posters in the surrounding pharmacies. It is in our interest to ensure that we are producing the very best formulae when compared with the best of the competition. Often a test will actually teach us we need to make changes and we never shy away from that. We focus on the goal which is to be the best in every skin care solution category.

Preservatives are not only important, they are essential for safety. However, we try to keep preservative use to the minimum where possible. Every batch of cream, gel and solution made by Medik8 is tested (now its EU law) for microbiological contamination. This testing should be performed by every cosmetics manufacturer without fail. Many companies perform the checks in house, which is fine but we feel more comfortable to use an accredited external laboratory which is independent. Unless we receive the ‘go-ahead’ from them, the batch is discarded and made again – no exceptions. It is rare that we get a rejected batch, but it happens and in a funny way, its good to have that every now and then to show the checks and balances are in place and working. We aim to produce cosmeceuticals of the highest quality and purity.

We are always keeping an eye on new research and literature, keenly awaiting the chance to develop products with new and exciting, proven ingredients.


manufacturing-medik8Our commitment to Quality

Our commitment to innovation in the development of the products flows through to the manufacturing. The team have the challenge of realising the technically outstanding products developed by our biochemist team and to ensure that every product is as consistently efficacious as the original formulation.


Our staff are encouraged to collaborate and to continually improve the manufacturing techniques and processes ensuring that we refine every step. We welcome input and ideas from all levels of the company. We have an infectious culture for attention to detail which ensures that the desire for innovation extends right through to the creation of every product.

We take best practice from allied industries such as medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and apply it to what we do here. The result is that every product is of the highest quality, produced by people passionate about making lab-quality and stable products.


Our commitment to Education

medik8-educationOur Sales and Marketing Team combine over 40 years cosmeceutical experience. We have seen fads come and go, and learnt there is no substitute for thorough research, attention to detail, and quality manufacture. Only the combination of all three factors can consistently deliver products that exceed expectations.


It’s trendy to talk about “the science” in skincare but we believe blinding people with long words is not the right approach. The education we deliver ensures that you really understand what your skin needs, and can choose the best solution. We hope that this education inspires you to appreciate the thousand details that make our products unique, and choose Medik8.