Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Zinc Mask


Post Treatment Soothing Mask

  • Ideal after facial treatments such as chemical peels, laser procedures

  • Instant relief mask or weekly restoring treatment

  • Instantly cooling and soothing

  • Provides intense hydration and healing properties

SIZE: Pack of 6 masks

Deeply soothing and nourishing bio-cellulose mask

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A soothing mask enriched with zinc and hyaluronic acid to calm, restore and hydrate skin after facial treatments. Bio-cellulose material is designed for optimum skin adhesion and active delivery.

Skin Age:

20  30  40s  Skin Age  60+


Remove the mask from the foil sachet, unfold and remove the one of the outer protective coverings. Smooth the mask sheet over the entire face taking care to align the eye and mouth holes. Remove the second protective covering. Leave the mask for up to 15 minutes for optimum results. To remove, lift away from the face starting at the forehead and massage the remaining serum into the skin.


Key Ingredients

Zinc – provides a barrier over wounds and promotes mineral healing and antibacterial properties. It helps to regulate oil production and the skin’s enzyme balance.

Bio-Cellulose – tightly woven natural fibres which easily sit in fine lines and wrinkles to allow for optimum adhesion and delivery of actives.

Hyaluronic Acid – a humectant which draws water from the atmosphere to the skin, enhancing its ability to hold water, and leaving skin feeling hydrated and plump.

Norwegian Kelp / Rockweed Algae – a species of brown algae with a high mineral content, moisturisation benefits and antioxidant activity


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