Collaboration at Our Core

Working with others helps to build knowledge. Medik8 are proud to work collaboratively with partners all over the world in order to discover and curate the best skincare technologies.

Crystal Retinal Collaboration

Crystal Retinal

To assess the stability of our latest breakthrough in vitamin A, Crystal Retinal 6 & 10™, Medik8 worked with the School of Life Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire, a leading centre for topical drug delivery research.

The active ingredient retinaldehyde is notoriously difficult to stabilise. After researching several encapsulation systems for retinaldehyde, we selected a genius system from a US superlab and then subsequently used the knowledge and facilities of the university to test the effectiveness of these stabilisation systems over time including an additional patent-pending stabilising complex. The outcome was a super stable formula which we are confident will provide exceptional results even a year after opening.


Industry Experts

We love collaborating with experts from the beauty industry and those who love Medik8. We often work with industry experts such as Dr. Uliana Gout, Founder of London Aesthetic Medicine Services Ltd, for masterclasses and press events. Working with Bridget March, Digital Beauty Editor of Harper’s Bazaar UK to create beautiful video content was a real highlight for Medik8 in 2017.