All About Bakuchiol

We are so excited to be able to finally reveal our new product, Bakuchiol Peptides.

Bakuchiol Peptides contains 1.25% pure bakuchiol, and its powers are elevated even further with brightening peptide precursors and calming centella asiatica. Photostable, the lilac-hued formula is optimised for both day and night use and makes the perfect retinol alternative for pregnant* or nursing mothers*, those with sensitivities to vitamin A or with extremely sensitive skin.

A proven anti-ageing alternative to retinol, bakuchiol is a natural, plant-based ingredient that provides similar results in skin rejuvenation. A new study published by the British Journal of Dermatology proves bakuchiol to be very similar in terms of anti-ageing efficacy to retinol, but without retinol-like side effects.

Want to find out how Bakuchiol compares to our Vitamin A range, read about it here.

*Of course, due to ethical considerations the Bakuchiol Peptides formula has not been tested on pregnant women, but there is nothing in the formula which is known to be an issue (eg vitamin A or high levels of exfoliating acids). If you are at all concerned, always consult your doctor.

Bakuchiol Peptides and CSA

At Medik8, we truly believe that the universal key to Beautiful Skin for Life is your CSA; vitamin C and sunscreen during the day, and vitamin A at night. Bakuchiol is the missing piece of CSA for those looking for a substitute for vitamin A.

However, if our vitamin A range is for you- rest assured, Bakuchiol Peptides can also help to optimise your results. As you probably already know, our vitamin A products can only be used at night. Bakuchiol Peptides, on the other hand, is photostable, therefore it is a great option to boost your skincare routine during the day, and then you can use your vitamin A at night.

The Power of Peptides

The latest addition to our Peptides Family, Bakuchiol Peptides joins a range of Medik8 products that are truly at the forefront of skincare science. Our full offering of innovative peptide combinations offer a peptide for each and every skin concern, harnessing the powers of many different active ingredients - now including Bakuchiol Peptides!